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Azku Inc. in the past has been involved in supply of various downstream, midstream and upstream equipment:

  • Process Packages

  • Cementing, Acidizing & Coiled tubing units

  • Valves, pipes, OCTG, flanges, fittings

  • Heat exchanges

  • Corrosion inhibitor packages/Chemical injection packages 

  • Bottom Hole Assembly (BHA) & Completion tools

  • Vacuum trucks

  • Fire suppression system

  • Surge tanks and cement silos

  • Drilling & Production chemicals

  • Rock bits

  • Glycol pump with electrical motor

  • Oil well tester

  • Laboratory test equipment for environment 

  • Porta-lathe cutter

  • Control systems

  • Liner hangers & retrievable packers

  • Gear Box for turbine

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