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Pre-fabricated E-Houses



Project Name     : E-house for compressor station

Client                  : Ministry of Oil (MOO), Iraq

Location             : Kirkuk, Iraq

Status                 : Completed, 2016

Because Construction risk is often high, typically we prefer to prefabricate electrical and control facilities and fully test the assembled equipment in a controlled environment prior to shipping allowing engineers to have easy access to the project, greater availability of parts, materials, and skilled personnel. Site preparation and civil works can be completed prior to delivery of the buildings.

In electrical and control buildings, AZKU has installed, tested, and commissioned equipment such as:

  • MV and LV Switchgear

  • MV and LV VFDs

  • AC UPS with Battery Bank

  • DC UPS

  • Distributed Control System (DCS)

  • Server

  • Marshalling Cabinets

  • Fire and Gas (F&G) Detection System

  • HVAC System

  • Power Distribution Boards

  • Normal & Emergency

  • Lighting Distribution Boards

  • Earthing System

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