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Specialized Pipeline & Piping Systems


Pipe 3

Project Name     : 32 Km Flowline Installation

Client                  : Gulf Keystone Petroleum (GKP)

Location             : Shaikhan Oil Field, Kurdistan, Iraq

Status                 : Completed, 2014

As the exclusive agent and installer of NOV - Fiber Glass Systems' non-metallic fiberglass reinforced composite piping in Iraq. AZKU was involved in a 32km pipeline job for GKP in the Shaikhan oil field in Kuridstan region. AZKU has experience and training in the following activities for non-metallic fiberglass line pipe installations;

  • End to end solution for supply and installation of pipe

  • Deployment. stringing and lowering

  • Connection of pipe sections

  • Management of construction activities including trenching, pre-padding, post-padding, backfiling, hydro-testing and commissioning

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